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Q1:Are you factory or trading company?
We have our own plastic and stationery factory.In this competitive business environment,We build the design and development team, also have the commodity chandlery procurement department.We can design and develop products base on clinet's concept and provide a variety of different types of product Supply services.
Q2:Can we buy the products on your website separately?
Sorry,we don't offer the sample sale
Q3:Can we custom the same products as those on your company website?
Those product photos on our website just for your reference,if you wanna do customized,we can design the package style and photos.Of course,if you have the audit of branded products,we can custom for you with relative changes
Q4:What's your MOQ?

Different MOQ for different kinds of product.there are 4 categories of ours.
1.Plush product: accepted MOQ is 50pcs,but required by the product material is available on the market.if customer specify material is ok,just the cost will be increased.
2.Plastic product:the accepted MOQ is 1000pcs, it can be lower if we have the existing mold.but just belong to our independent research and development products,without any brand.
3.Stationery product:accepted MOQ is 2000pcs,and 3000-5000pcs for stationery set,because some accessory need buy from other factory,the cost will be relatively expensive.
4.Resin product:accepted MOQ is 1pcs

Q5:How to charge the fees for making sample?

For different products and different functional types of sample, there is a difference between production costs, need to quotation by customer's requirements.We listed the parts of the sample charge and production time for your reference.

1.Plush product:The sample cost is USD 100-300 (under 70 cm size, pure wool cloth with soft materials, if need to bring electronic function or other accessories should be accurate to quote) sampling time: 7 days after confirm the design.

2.Plastic/resin product:The sample cost is USD 200-350 (size below 10 cm, the price includes the colorize cost), the sample time: clay figurine 3 days, colorize to completed sample in 5 days after the customer confirm the clay figurine prototype.

3.Stationery &stationery set :The sample cost isUSD150-300(printing pattern made of sticker.product size:30*30cm,the accessory is selected by customer from the available accessories we offer.if need other accessories,need to make a new quotation.

Above model quotation just for single 1 pcs.

Q6:Sample fee can be refunded?
Free sample production costs for long-term cooperation of customers ,as well courier charge.
For the first time cooperation customer samples production costs within USD 300,and the quantity up to 5000pcs,the sample fee can be refunded.If the customer have a Courier account number,we will send by the designated account or send by designated courier,My company in charge of sample production and courier fee.
Q7:What advantages of the product do you have?
The main advantages of our company are design, development, innovation.lies in the stationery, with functional combination suit and stationery products.at the same time,a leading technology and good quality in plastic and resin products processing technology
Q8:You have so many kinds of products?Are you familiar with all ?
The staff in our company,design department,sales department,purchasing department etc,al of them Work in the grocery products for many years.With the rich practical experience in Application of all kinds of products from raw materials to the product forming process and test requirements.can provide design advise to customers from the initial conceptual design to practical production.
Q9:So not all of factories are yours,under that condition do you still have any advantage on price?
Indeed, we have two factories, the two factory can provide the major parts of our products.here we can save a lot of logistics costs.we have the rich resources of suppliers of other Other accessories product. the supply of long-term cooperation relations, make our company get good control the of the produce cost.of course,product manufacturing process and better price just a part of advantage. also includes the supplier and product quality control and more innovative services as a whole.These are the reasons that customers tend to choose our company as supplier.
Q10:Why the price of same products in your company will be higher or lower than other company?
Below is the summarize.
1.In customer's inquiries, a very detailed product parameters, materials requirement, and the corresponding testing requirements, our company will accurate the price accounting to cost
2.Customers inquiry requirement is more general,only product pictures or simple product description, we will quotation according to our experience. At the same time there will be a relatively simple functional prices but can meet customer requirements.
Above reason will cause the same product with difference price
Q11:How do your company to do the control of raw materials and products inspection test?
For procurement of raw materials and product Control, we have been In strict accordance with the IPQC way (In Process Quality Control, to ensure the safety of our raw materials, good workmanship, and better Control of the cost. For every batch of goods during the production and raw materials will be delivered to S.G.S/B.V test institutions do the test.
Q12:Do you have your own conventional instrumentation equipment?
Our company is equipped with a part of the testing equipment and professional operation personnel, equipment details as follows
1.Salt spray test machine:test the corrosion resistance of metal parts
2.Single product bare drop zone:test small parts damaged, functional problems etc when single product in the fall.
3.Constant temperature & humidity box:Simulate products quality whether it's abnormal in high temperature&low temperature environment
4.Simulate transportation test machine:Simulate packed goods in transporting state and test the product quality whether it's abnormal
5.Tester for casting box:Simulate packed goods in throwing state and test the product quality whether it's abnormal
Q13:What payment terms is acceptable in your company?
T/T 30%Before Production 70%Before Shipment
Q14:If I just can offer the product design sketch, can you make samples for me?
Our company's design team has some designer who proficient in product design .you only need to let us know your requirements, actually you just need to tell us your concept, then it can be converted to the real products.
Q15:About the freight and product transportation.
Our company can export for customer directly or delivered to the customer designated
warehouse.transport by land,sea,air are optional.
Q16:If the goods customer received are damaged or defective,how do you to deal with it?
1.After customer confirm the production sample, both of our company and customers will retain a copy with signed sample for future production product.
2.We will accordance with the signed sample as a standard for testing the whole batch of goods during the production and before shipment.Through the QC inspection qualified products are allowed to packing for shipment. For the unqualified products will be destroyed.So we can control the product qualified rate in the proportion of criteria agreed with clients.
3.Customers can also arrange third party inspection agency for random test of the product.
4.If one of the above steps to complete and the customer after receipt of the goods also get problem, we will immediately confirm the the total number of products with the customer to make up the missed quantity.then to analysis the causes . of course, on the basis of strict quality control this case is rare, the root of the problem may be during transport.
Q17:How can I contact funnytoysgift directly?
You can call us at (0086) -755-82220615 or you can write to us by e- mail:info@funnytoysgift.com
You can also send us a letter to the below address:
NO.6 Lujing street, Yijing Garden, NO.2003 Yijing Road,ShenZhen City,GuangDong Province,China
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